Something To Smile About

Jacob Jarvis Orthodontics exists to create an experience where passion and purpose come together. Our passion is our patients and our purpose is to enhance and transform your smile. Dr. Jarvis and his team puts patients first. Each treatment is customized for your individual needs and goals, ensuring your results are truly something to smile about!

At Jacob Jarvis Orthodontics, a smile is just as unique as a fingerprint. Our experienced orthodontists are focused on making your smile stand out whether you are seven years old or eighty-seven. We offer the best quality orthodontic care with a variety of treatment options, and we want to educate you so that you are confident in choosing the most suitable option that fits your lifestyle. When you think of orthodontics, some may think of big, scary metal brackets that have you stuck eating soup and milkshakes for the next 5 years. However, picture this…smaller, more discreet brackets, removable aligners, and a fully digital treatment scanning process! Our offices have many options that will allow you to eat and drink whatever you want, whenever you want, and still give you the end result you want. We don’t want braces to be a burden, we want them to enhance your lifestyle while upgrading your pearly whites. Come see your simulated outcome, and our team will show you exactly what your end result will be so there will be no question of “Is it going to be worth it?” The question will be “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”